Container logistics

Regional and national - your containers are in good hands with us

The port of Hamburg is the destination of many container ships and Heinrich Zoder Spedition is traditionally always on duty here. We specialize in collections and transfers within the port and within the Hamburg metropolitan region in general.

Of course, our other services are also available to you in this context, such as punctual Europe-wide transport, storage of the goods in our 10,000 m² warehouse, order picking or customs clearance.

Container unloading in Hamburg

Of course, Heinrich Zoder Spedition also organizes your container unloading. The storage of your goods is then carried out according to your wishes or needs on storage spaces in our warehouses including the following further processing:

  • Trucking (day and night)
  • Change of custodian
  • Storage
  • Discharge
  • Picking
  • Palettization
  • Remark
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Distribution
  • Customs processing

We support you smoothly with the processes in container unloading and container logistics! What can we do for you? Call us or send us an mail.

Container logistics

Timo Albrecht

Deputy forwarding manager | With Zoder since 2010

"What I love about Zoder Spedition is that they always keep up with the times and that the most modern work equipment is also available. In this way, everyone can carry out their tasks quickly and effectively and the error rates are greatly reduced. In addition, I can develop and educate myself professionally." 

Timo Albrecht
Timo Albrecht

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