Customs clearance

Smooth customs clearance

Since we not only work as a freight forwarder within Germany, but also throughout Europe and internationally, the scope of services of Heinrich Zoder Spedition naturally also includes customs clearance.

We also have specially trained drivers, warehouse and office staff for this area and thus offer a smooth process for handling all customs formalities.

Our services include:

  • Creation of T1 documents including clearance
  • Export declarations
  • Rating
  • accompanied customs inspection
  • Change of custodian

If your request is not mentioned in the list, then we look forward to receiving a message by mail or by telephone. We're happy to help.

Custom clearance

Florian Kühnast

Billing | With Zoder since 2007

"I always have to keep track of the bills so that nothing goes wrong. Sometimes that can get really stressful. But even after 16 years I don't want to do without the job."

Florian Kühnast
Florian Kühnast

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