Special trips

Across Europe thanks to partner network

Thanks to our own fleet and our partner network, we can also guarantee special trips, such as direct trips or express deliveries, with particularly time-critical deliveries and in a time window specified by you throughout Europe.

For this we offer you our 24-hour service for goods, document transport, trade fair deliveries or ship deliveries by truck in local and long-distance transport of small to large freights over several tons.

Use our experience, our modern fleet and our trained staff for your just-in-time deliveries for the following and other areas:

  • Express deliveries
  • Direct trips
  • Express deliveries
  • Local and long-distance transport
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Document Transport
  • particularly time-critical deliveries
  • Trade fair deliveries
  • Ship deliveries by truck
  • Just in Time
  • time-sensitive transports

As a professional company, we are happy to assist you with your logistics planning and guarantee a smooth process. For questions and further information, simply contact us by mail or by phone.

Special trips


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