Storage in the center of Hamburg

Heinrich Zoder Spedition offers you a storage area of ​​approx. 10,000 m² in the heart of Hamburg, divided into a wide variety of areas. Frost-free, partially heated or dust-reduced - depending on the sensitivity of your products, we have the right area.

The equipment in the areas is ideally designed for shelf and block storage. For fast handling, we have an indoor crane up to 10 t and dock levellers for loading and unloading via ramps.

Safety is the focus

Your goods are safe with us! Because every corner of our warehouse is monitored by cameras, including highly sensitive motion detectors. Thanks to the separate separation of individual warehouses, high-quality products in particular can be enclosed. Of course, no people from outside the company can come in unaccompanied and our long-standing staff is very trustworthy.

Full service - you say, we do

Our services not only include the storage itself. You can also optionally use the following services:

  • Inventory / warehouse documentation
  • Storage and retrieval
  • special treatments according to specifications
  • Bender
  • Stretch
  • Label
  • Change of custodian

The fleet also ensures quality

Our warehouse fleet is equipped with the most modern forklifts, which, in combination with electric winding machines, ensure fast handling. In addition, there is permanent training for our employees, which means that dangerous goods can also be handled.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about storage. Call us or send us an mail.



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"Barbara always has an open ear"

"Barbara has the ability to put herself in the shoes of our employees with her sensitive nature and we appreciate that very much, because it improves the working atmosphere even more." Markus Zoder


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